Lending Scheme

We aim to make sure that our lessons are available and accessible to everyone – so, we have a scheme in place where youngsters can borrow instruments free of charge for up to two years.

When this period ends, you are expected to make your own arrangements, however, there is another scheme in place where you can buy instruments VAT free, through the local authority, if the instrument is for regular educational use. Please contact us for more information about this.

How do I borrow an instrument?

When your child starts music lessons tutors can provide an instrument by the Service – ask your tutor or school about this.

If you borrow an instrument from the Service, you are responsible for looking after it and making sure it is returned in good condition. Some instruments can be very expensive to replace or mend. It is your responsibility to insure any instrument you borrow – and we strongly recommend you do this.

Students are expected to keep their instruments in good condition. This means buying accessories from time to time, your tutor can advise what you need and where to buy any additional accessories from. The tutor will also recommend any music that you need to buy for your child.

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